Ervin Fövényesi

Managing director of Seco Adria

Born in 1959. He finished his study at Budapest Technical and Economic Science University (former Budapest Technical University) to become Master of Business Administration (MBA) course.  He specialized in Business Finance.

He is Bachelor of Engineering from the Budapest Technical University.

He also studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Budapest Technical University where he got a degree from Machine Manufacturing Technology. 

He has very broad experience in various business areas. Currently he is Managing Director of Seco Tools Kft., Seco Tools Slr., Seco Tools SI d.o.o. and Seco Tools d.o.o. in Serbia. 

25 Oct

Grand Hotel Plovdiv

2, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Str., 4003 Plovdiv

GPS coordinates:
42.155934 | 24.745543

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